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"Better:  How I Let Go of Control,

Held on to Hope,

and Found Joy in my Darkest Hour"


Amy Robach – News Anchor, ABC's Good Morning America and Breast Cancer Survivor/Advocate 

In October 2013, Amy received some life-altering news when she was diagnosed with breast cancer.  As part of Good Morning America "Goes Pink Day" in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month and at the urging of her colleague, Robin Roberts, she had her first mammogram (broadcast live in front of millions of viewers).  Since Robach was 40, the recommended age women should start getting mammograms, producers felt that she would be the perfect person to help raise awareness about the importance of early detection and participate in the first ever live television mammogram.  A few weeks later, Robach received the devastating news that she had breast cancer.  She underwent a double mastectomy and subsequent treatment.  Robach says the decision to have that on-air mammogram was "the difference between life and death."